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Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria re-imagined as a demon from Shin Megami Tensei
"SMT Mikleo"
Demon Mikleo edited with overlay UI from SMT: Strange Journey Redux
"SMT Mikleo In Action"
GIF of Aqua Ladybug fanart drawn in marker and gel pen
"Une Ladybug ~ Porte-Bonheur"
Sorey cosplay from the back looking down from a mountain
"Shepherd's Journey Begins"
Regal cosplay facing off against a human-size seahorse
"Regal vs. Seahorse"
Back of handmade Luke fon Fabre cosplay
"I'm Me"
Tales of Symphonia Yggdrasill cosplay with wings edited with angelic light
"Lord Yggdrasill"

All art is by me unless otherwise credited. Hover images for description/details.

Music: original arrangement and performance, based on "Water Symphony" from the Tales of Symphonia original soundtrack.