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Android 18 posing over Trunks cosplay, lying on the floor, edited as if viewed on a CRT TV
"Trunks the History (with Genki)"
Photo of Yggdrasill from Tales of Symphonia cosplay edited over Derris-Kharlan with added lightning and sparkles
"Space Lord Yggdrasill"
Cavendish from One Piece cosplay with a bright vaporwave-ish background edit including a horse obviously edited in
"Cabbage and Horse"
Luke fon Fabre digital art posing smugly with his abs out, blue flowers in the background
"Luke fon Fabs"
Very sketchy and poorly rendered art of Uno from Tales of Zestiria ordering 8,000 donuts from Twitch user s1xplus, wearing a
"Pit Stop at Malevolunch"
Selfie of Trainer Ruby (Pokemon Special) in Contest getup cosplay surrounded by gold and decorative Feebas and Milotic pins
"The Glamour Trainer"
Zelda cosplay photo edited on a screenshot from the end scene of Ocarina of Time 3D, with a text box reading
"A Heart-Felt Farewell"

All art is by me unless otherwise credited. Hover images for description/details.

Music: original arrangement and performance, based on "PSYNCIN' IN THE MaiN" from the AI: The Somnium Files original soundtrack.