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Original VGM Compositions

Title screen for the game Don't Mess With the Frog

2019 Global Game Jam. Tracks: "Beach Condo," "Cityskape," "Snowy Cabin."

Title screen for the game Shark WIP

2020 Global Game Jam. Dynamic track: "Undersea Development."

Title screen for the game Magia Wave

2017 Global Game Jam. Track: "Nighttime - Combat."

Title screen for the game Lost Wanderer's Wand

2021 Global Game Jam. Tracks: "Theme of Lost," "Theme of Found."

Other Original

Tracks: "The Great Mechanical Mind," "Trunks vs. the Androids."

Arrangements & Covers

Tracks: "Pollyanna (Electronic)," "Crimson Pride's Cadence," "Mithos ~ Heroic."

A collection of my digital music compositions and arrangements.

Arrangement inspiration credits, in order: "Pollyanna" from MOTHER; "Crimson Pride" from Tales of the Abyss; "Mithos" from Tales of Symphonia (based on original in minor key).

Global Game Jam game title screens by PBJayz (1&2), Parkdraws, and SpriteDude. Click through to game jam pages for full game credits.