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(*disclaimer: most of these were drawn in 2006-2010 by a tone-deaf teenager. There are things here I wouldn't draw today, but it's important to me to preserve the art I made when I was younger, even if it is tasteless.*)

Pen doodle of Anise Tatlin drawn on 3-ring binder paper
MS Paint colored drawing of a boy playing with an egg and a blue hedgehog toy
Pencil drawings of the 3 MC's of Ojamajo Doremi on lined binder paper
Pencil drawings of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler riding dragons fighting over a potato which Link (LoZ) has retrieved from a chest
MS Paint drawing of Tails with an accessory from Sonic Adventure with bold text that reads 'Teh BLING Yo.'
Pen drawing on lined binder paper of a girl swimming underwater and encountering a dragon
Pencil art on 3 ring binder paper of scuba diver at the bottom of the ocean meeting a sleeping dragon
digital art of a boy with a Viking helmet wielding a sword in his left hand with his right arm in a sling
pen art of Pikachu smoking a la Noir-era detective that says 'Private Pika... c'est une masterpiece... cue theme music bitch. Pika! <3'

^ i drew that 10 years before detective pikachu came out for the record
marker portrait of Sheena from Tales of Symphonia based on her official art
marker art of Ruto from Ocarina of Time

All art is by me unless otherwise credited. Hover images for description/details.

Music: original arrangement and performance, based on "Toad Town" from the Paper Mario original soundtrack.